Your Wedding Songs

Your Wedding Songs

Your First dance; Getting the Music Right

We love music as do most Brides and Grooms, one song on your wedding day we have to get right is your “first dance”.

To make sure your first dance goes according to plan, it is essential we have the correct music, with so many variations and different mixes of tracks, it is impossible for us the DJ to guarantee this.

 We therefore talk with you to make sure you get your first dance track as an mp3, file so we are organized for the night. This can easily be emailed to us. If at this point you don’t know anything about mp3 s, don’t worry  we are here to help.


Your Music-Create Your Own Playlist

We want to make your party a night to remember. When you book with us, we offer the choice of letting you create a playlist for your event. Just let us have your playlist well in advance of your party and we will feature any specific songs and the style of music you want us to play.

Your Own Playlist

We normally ask you to limit your playlist to about 30 songs, this gives me the DJ, the opportunity to balance the entertainment for you and your guests. We also like to play requests from your guests(where appropriate) so that makes for a happy crowd.

Tips for Creating Killer Playlist

The role of the DJ at parties and weddings, “is often misunderstood” my aim is to try and provide continuity throughout the evening, this is usually done by careful selection of tracks by style and tempo. Try to make your playlist fit somewhere in that style that people might expect to dance to and you have cracked it.

This doesn’t mean you have to forgo your favorite tracks, it just means that there maybe a right time to play them.

Your Music-Our Promise

We promise to do my very best to source your chosen playlist music and to play them on the night; our music library is vast, exceeding some 80.000 tracks. If you choose very specific recordings, say for your first dance, we often suggest you bring them on disc to prevent any misunderstandings.

Wedding & Party – No Play

Sometimes there are tracks that you particularly do not want to hear, you can put these on your “No Play List” and we promise not to play them. I suppose all I would say here, is try use “No-Play” for songs that remind you of bad times and not because you think tracks are a bit cheesy.

Great DJ -Good Music

We realize that not all people have the same taste in music;  Here at Jamm we have a passion for music, backed by years of experience of reading the audience and setting the right music to get some dance floor action.

You can just relax enjoy your party and leave the music selection to me as a seasoned professional we have considerable experience in getting the party going and we know how to keep the dance busy. Choosing your music should be a pleasure not a pain, if you have lots to do, don’t worry, we will deal with your party, just give us your first dance, and forget it.



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